[WVARC] Exactly 40 Years ago, WA6LXN/6 wins Field Day class 4A

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The 1969 QST Field Day Results column is attached.  4A begins on page 56 and WA6LXN was on top of the heap.

Joe - W6YR (ex WB6YNI)

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Done by brute force with 3,000 Qs!

We won more than once.  Here is a list "Leg" compiled for us a while

1966 Sierra Pelona WB6OLD/6 -- Matt and I 
1967 Rancho San Julian WB6SST/6 and W6CXW/6 for the Bodids 
1968 WA6LXN/6 callsign debuts and we operate 5A above Valley Circle 
1969 4A winner from the new house lots south of Ventura 
1970 Contractors Point

Notice we won 4A in 1969 also according to Leigh - anybody got a QST
    from then to confirm?

I also think he has the locations for 1967 and 1968 backwards.  I
    think Valley Circle was my first FD and I definitely remember using
    the phonetics "Super Sloppy Toiletrymanship" there.  (Probably the
    first time you ever heard or will hear that word unless you were


On 6/25/2013 2:08 PM, Bob Wilson, N6TV wrote:

WA6LXN/6 in 1973 was my very first Field Day, and my call was even used for the Novice tent (which I also supplied).  We did pretty well!  See attached from the November, 1973 issue of QST. 
>I remember vividly that the following folks were there:  WB6VZI, WB6KPN, WB6OLD, WB6FUE,  WB6ZVC, K6OVJ, WB6UJY, K6JAN(?), WA6something (now N6RN).
>Who else was there on Contractor's Point in 1973?  Does anyone have any photos from that year?
>Bob, N6TV
Victory through Mug

Victory through Mug
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