[Cwo] 2014 CW Open Award Structure

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Sun Feb 9 09:23:35 PST 2014

Sounds good to me.

Rob K6RB

> More random thoughts.
> I suggest that we should try to advertize CWO more to the general ham
> population. The contest guys already get it. Emphasize that CWO is a CW
> celebration. Something like the words I use about CWT:
> CW fans, we named the CWops Test a test, not a contest. CWTs offer
>> something for everyone. You can get on and make a few contacts with
>> fellow
>> CW enthusiasts. You can get on and extend a friendly welcome to someone
>> trying a CWT for the first time. Or, if inclined, you can whet your
>> competitive juices and try for a high score. Or all of the above, all in
>> one session.
> Something like that. Change Test to Open. Emphasize that CWOs are not
> speedfests. Emphasize to everyone to slow down to the speed of the calling
> station. Emphasize that we are celebrating CW--that everyone is welcome.
> Broadening our base, both domestically and internationally would be good.
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