[Cwo] 2014 CW Open Award Structure

Hank Garretson w6sx at arrl.net
Sun Feb 9 08:43:53 PST 2014

More random thoughts.

I suggest that we should try to advertize CWO more to the general ham
population. The contest guys already get it. Emphasize that CWO is a CW
celebration. Something like the words I use about CWT:

CW fans, we named the CWops Test a test, not a contest. CWTs offer
> something for everyone. You can get on and make a few contacts with fellow
> CW enthusiasts. You can get on and extend a friendly welcome to someone
> trying a CWT for the first time. Or, if inclined, you can whet your
> competitive juices and try for a high score. Or all of the above, all in
> one session.

Something like that. Change Test to Open. Emphasize that CWOs are not
speedfests. Emphasize to everyone to slow down to the speed of the calling
station. Emphasize that we are celebrating CW--that everyone is welcome.

Broadening our base, both domestically and internationally would be good.
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