[Cwo] all missiles have been launched

Rob k6rb at baymoon.com
Thu Aug 11 17:14:22 PDT 2011

As of early this morning, all the publicity efforts are in play - individual invitations to anchor stations; individual invitations to a large list of familiar contesters; post to reflector asking members of other clubs to post to those club reflectors.

Now, we hold our collective breaths until Aug 20 at 1200Z! By the way, a disproportionate number of invitations went out to JA stations in order to increase the odds that the first session (1200Z) will be alive with JAs on 40 m and 80 m.

I'm not worried about the 2000Z session because there will be a big swell of NA stations going full blast.

The 0400Z session could be a winner for JAs working 20 m and beaming to EU. It could also be bountiful for NA stations working 40 m and pointing toward EU.

Now, it's wait and see.

Rob K6RB

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