[BARC] Newbie

Steve Ireland sire at iinet.net.au
Mon Jun 7 12:29:12 CDT 2004

>> I didn't know there was a BARC until Jerry, W7BUN, told me about it, and 
>> I did a little websearching.  My understanding is that the group's main 
>> thrust is in contesting, and would apprecieate any additional info that 
>> you'd care to pass along.

Ron, N7TAW

>Well, the Boring Amateur Radio Club is sort of a strange thing.  It will
>take some time for the picture to become clear.
>73 Tree N6TR
>tree at kkn.net

Hi Ron

You know those horror films where some innocent family moves into an
apparently quiet neighbourhood and all kinds of strange things and strange
people start coming into their lives.

The town of Boring is clearly a lovely quiet rural backwater, but the space
that the Boring Amateur Radio Club fills in cyber space is altogether more
off-centre, international and (truly) silly.  

For a start, EVERYONE (well, almost) in the BARC is called Bert (even
though that is not their real name).  Don't ask me why, it is just so.  

After a while, you will find that you will become a Bert of some sort.  It
took me a while to find my true identity.


Ozbert (alias VK6VZ/7)
PS It helps if you operate one of the bands with a 'six' in their
name/metre-age - as you have to be kind of off-centre and silly to work

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