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Mon Jun 7 05:38:30 CDT 2004

Excuse me.  While Steve has the rest of it pretty straight, I am not, and 
never have been, a "Bert".  I think there might be a club award for working 
other members on frequencies ending in three successive sixes, but I'm not 
certain about this....


Dermooooooek, N9JF 

Steve Ireland writes: 

> Hi Ron 
> You know those horror films where some innocent family moves into an
> apparently quiet neighbourhood and all kinds of strange things and strange
> people start coming into their lives. 
> The town of Boring is clearly a lovely quiet rural backwater, but the space
> that the Boring Amateur Radio Club fills in cyber space is altogether more
> off-centre, international and (truly) silly.   
> For a start, EVERYONE (well, almost) in the BARC is called Bert (even
> though that is not their real name).  Don't ask me why, it is just so.   
> After a while, you will find that you will become a Bert of some sort.  It
> took me a while to find my true identity. 
> 73 
> Ozbert (alias VK6VZ/7)
> PS It helps if you operate one of the bands with a 'six' in their
> name/metre-age - as you have to be kind of off-centre and silly to work
> them.  
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