[WVARC] Tree's 1973 Field Day Home Movies uploaded to YouTube

Leigh S. Jones leigh at j1s.us
Mon Apr 7 04:33:53 PDT 2014

The two in your list who were named but had no callsign attached are WN6QMO and WB6VFJ.

From: Bob Wilson, N6TV 
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Subject: Tree's 1973 Field Day Home Movies uploaded to YouTube

Here's the link:


The video is from the 1973 FD Effort at Contractor's Point, where I was in the Novice Tent.

K6OVJ, WB6KPN, WA6TLV, Jocelyn, WB6OLD, WB6VZI, and Magnet are clearly identifiable.

This is from Tree's 8 mm film transfers.  I did some quick editing to put the pieces together.  They are probably not in the right order, and one clip of Matt seems to be from a different Field Day.  I also tried to brighten up the images a bit, adding a little contrast, but the originals were, well, in original condition.  Try turning up the brightness on your monitor to max.

There is no audio of course, but maybe N6PN can provide a royalty-free sound track that we can add later, or maybe Tree can narrate a "director's commentary" identifying all those visible at various points in the video. 

So who's the tall guy in the yellow shirt and shorts?

More to come when I get time (could be week or two).

Bob, N6TV
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