[WVARC] WA6LXN/6 Field Day Results

Marty Woll n6vi at socal.rr.com
Wed Jun 26 15:10:29 PDT 2013

Hi, all.

Great to hear from so many of you recalling our glory days, when our motto could have been, "Never trust anyone over 25 . . . just beat them!"

A look through the November issues of QST for the following years reveals the club's results:

1969 -  1st place, 4A
1970 -  1st place, 4A
1971 -  1st place, 4A
1972 - 2nd place, 4A
1973 -  1st place, 4A

Yours truly was fortunate enough to be included in the results article photos, wearing my mighty Superex headphones with custom perspiration absorbers courtesy of Kimberly Clark (a.k.a. Kleenex).

A few fond memories include:

 - putting up two full-sized 40m 2L quads, one 'phone and one CW, and having to shoo a pesky rattlesnake that sat in my path as I tried to tie off the lines

- being belted atop a 100' pole to mount the 20m beam and having it get stuck on the way up.  Since we didn't know about such things as snatch blocks back then, the ground crew stood a good distance away and gave a mighty pull, which not only freed the stuck yagi but almost freed the pole from its foundation!  It creaked and swayed back and forth for what seemed a couple of minutes as my yet-short life flashed before me

- hooking up my new Drake line for its first Field Day outing, replacing my green Collins wannabe's (SB-301 /SB- 401)

- pooling our not-so-massive financial resources to pay A. A. Wanamaker Rents the princely sum of $35 for the weekend use of a generator

- seeing WA6PNN's camera flash on Contractor's Peak from my home and having him copy my headlight CW in reply

- watching WA6TLV in our Novice tent running at 45 wpm

- using WB6UJY's telescope to watch the W6SD ops on the next hill drinking beer and generally milling around 

I have to say that WVARC was one of the best starts to a Ham Radio career that anyone could have had.

Thanks and 73,

Marty N6VI
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