[WVARC] Meeting Place

Bishop, Dennis dennis.bishop@medtronic.com
Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:54:03 -0700

I went by the Methodist Church last night (11/24/02) and the A-frame is gone! The church is still there and the vacant lot where the A-frame was has been built up. It looks like a kid's center for the church, or maybe the private school that is just east of where the old building was.
As a reminder, our meeting place was on Collins St. off of Shoup Ave.


P.S. You can't go home again!

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> Would you pass along to that reflector that just this morning I received
> Dave Bell's copies of:
> "This is Ham Radio" 15:00
> "The World of Amateur Radio" 26:30
> "Ham's Wide World" 27:30

Wow, great work!  The old film, the old call...  Can anybody swing by the
Methodist church on Shoup and see if the A-frame building in the back is
still there and available for a meeting??


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