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Joseph M. Wade w6yr@arrl.net
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As listed in the March 1969 bulletin the officers were:

President - Phil Hockmeyer - WB6TVH
Vice President - Stew Cogan - WA6CXA
Secretary - Tom Musselman - WA6CSN
Treasurer- Matt Futterman - WB6KPN


Bulletin Director - John Musselman - WB6UHF
Membership Director - Dave Reeves WB6UJU (uncle Johnnys underwear)
Contest Director - Matt Futterman - WB6KPN

No, Tree, it didn't say that there would be time for questions and answers
after the meeting.  In fact it didn't even say what W6QNA was going to talk
about!  This was, however, to be joint meeting with the Rocketdyne ARC and
there were going to be "color" movies of Apollo 7 and 8 flights.  The
meeting was going to be held at the North American Recreation Center on
Fallbrook in Canoga Park - Just south of the antenna tower.

New members listed were Rick Weightman - WN6AHX, Ed Principe WN6QDQ and
Steve Rudolph (no call listed - must have been an associate member at this

A classic UHFism is on page 5 under Station News: "The vertical at WB6UEJ
doesn't work but the wind does"

John also demonstrated an early aptitude for government work.  Under Et
Cetera he states: " You got a copy of the new form MI-1 and MI-2 (for
membership information) with the bulletin.  What say?"  I wonder how many
forms the club had...  If the club constitution provided for penalties for
failure to fill out those forms, many of us could owe a lot of money by now.


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On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 09:23:52AM -0700, Joseph M. Wade wrote:

> I found the March 1969 bulletin in the garage this past weekend.  I really
> thought that I had 20 or 30 bulletins in all, but I think the rest must
> been thrown out 8 or 9 years ago.

Strong work Joe!!  This just means the one you found is a treasure.  I will
happy to scan it in and post it on the web for all to see.

> Page 2 has reports of president, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Contest and
> Bulletin.

You must tell us who these people were.

> Page 4 upcoming meetings - W6QNA will be speaking at the upcoming meeting
> and there will be elections.

Did it mention if there were be time for questions and answers afterwards?

(Sorry - it's Monday morning and my coffee hasn't kicked in yet).

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