[WVARC] March 1969 Bulletin found

Joseph M. Wade wadejoe@yahoo.com
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 09:23:52 -0700

I found the March 1969 bulletin in the garage this past weekend.  I really
thought that I had 20 or 30 bulletins in all, but I think the rest must have
been thrown out 8 or 9 years ago.

As I don't have quick access to a scanner I can send it to someone who has
one so that we can post it.  Just let me know.

This is a vintage UHF created bulletin.  Volume 3 Number 3.  --Official
bulletin of the West Valley Amateur Radop Club--  WA6LXN

The first page had a list of the current officers, a list of new members and
statement of current membership of 23 full members and 4 associate members.

It states that non-members may subscribe to the bulletin at the rate of
$1.00 per year!

Page 2 has reports of president, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Contest and

Page 3 has some proposed amendments to the constitution proposed by WB6KPN.
I didn't read them but it probably states that the four original Beatles are
to be made honorary lifetime members or something like that.

Page 3 also has a notice of a new novice class to begin under the direction
of WB6UHF.  The class was expcected to take 3 months.

Page 4 upcoming meetings - W6QNA will be speaking at the upcoming meeting
and there will be elections.

Also on Page 4 is phone patch info.

Page 5 Station news, Et Cetera and a short article about transistors
submitted my WB6RZB from the WESTCARS bulletin.