Matt Futterman, N6PN n6pn@prodigy.net
Wed, 02 Oct 2002 20:38:22 -0700

I knew Art pretty well during the mid to late 60's.
His wife used to work at my dad's office.  We lost
touch after that, but I saw him at a SFVRC meeting
that I sampled back in the late 80's or early 90's
when I was in Reseda.

Phil Hockmeyer wrote:

> Dennis,
> I left Art a message on his machine giving my email address. It would be
> great to hear from him. If you're up to it, try following up. Hopefully, he
> would remember Wvarc and FD. If not, he will probably hang up on you. If we
> harass him enough, perhaps he will submit.
> 73,
> Phil
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> Phil,
> I didn't know Art (WB6THM) when he was a member of WVARC, but I did meet him
> several times at his home in Van Nuys. I looked him up in the white pages
> and found a number, which I called. The good news is his voice is on the
> answering machine. The bad news is I only got the answering machine. I
> didn't leave a message because I seriously doubt he will remember me and I
> would like to interactivly explain why I am contacting him. If you want I
> will keep trying to contact him and see if he wants to get involved in this
> reflector, if he would like to contact you directly, or none of the above!
> Here's his number in case you want to call him: (818)785-5832. I would be
> happy to do the leg work if you like!
> Dennis N6RN
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> Subject: [WVARC] Art WB6THM
> I remember Art Holz as one of the early Wvarc members. He was out
> on the Mt. Pacifico FD. Any leads on his whereabouts? I'd guess he was
> probably
> in is 40s then, so he would be getting on in years.
>         -Phil
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