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I left Art a message on his machine giving my email address. It would be
great to hear from him. If you're up to it, try following up. Hopefully, he
would remember Wvarc and FD. If not, he will probably hang up on you. If we
harass him enough, perhaps he will submit.

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I didn't know Art (WB6THM) when he was a member of WVARC, but I did meet him
several times at his home in Van Nuys. I looked him up in the white pages
and found a number, which I called. The good news is his voice is on the
answering machine. The bad news is I only got the answering machine. I
didn't leave a message because I seriously doubt he will remember me and I
would like to interactivly explain why I am contacting him. If you want I
will keep trying to contact him and see if he wants to get involved in this
reflector, if he would like to contact you directly, or none of the above!
Here's his number in case you want to call him: (818)785-5832. I would be
happy to do the leg work if you like!

Dennis N6RN

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I remember Art Holz as one of the early Wvarc members. He was out
on the Mt. Pacifico FD. Any leads on his whereabouts? I'd guess he was
in is 40s then, so he would be getting on in years.


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Victory through Mug