[WVARC] Tower move

Phil Hockmeyer phil.hockmeyer@verizon.net
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I understand he's opening for Elvis. The civic was a great place. Neat small
venue. Saw several
shows there 74-77. Frampton, Geils, Bowie, Supertramp, Aerosmith, Mott the
Hoople. The Who played Anaheim Stadium
in '76 (I think), which I missed, but did catch Pink Floyd there about a
year earlier. They did some interesting things
with the open field space. Never caught JT. Guess if we want to see these
guys, we should do it soon. They are aging rapidly.

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On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 01:51:45AM -0500, Tom Musselman wrote:

> Oh, my!  I remember that day.  It was pretty hot.  Tull was at the Downs
> with Hendrix.  I wasn't interested enough to buy a ticket in advance, but
> went to see if I could either get a ticket from a scalper or sneak
> in.  Couldn't do either so I hitched a ride home.  The guy who picked me
> said "why pay to see those guys when you can hear them on the radio for
> free?"  Needless to say, he was pretty old and didn't get it.  He must
> been at least 30.  Ha!
> Uh, er, that's why I didn't help with the antenna.

Probably my biggest complaint about my childhood is that you guys didn't
drag me
to concerts like this.  Saw my first concert in '79 - Mike Oldfield at the
Santa Monic civic.  Then The Who, but after Keith Moon.  I have seen Tull
3 times now...  still waiting for Hendrix to come to Portland.

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