[WVARC] Yet Another One

Matt Futterman, N6PN n6pn@prodigy.net
Sat, 23 Nov 2002 17:17:59 -0800

Let's see... John, Jim, Tom, Dan, ... and Ledge.
Yes, I guess he must be a black sheep!

John Musselman WB6UHF wrote:

> I'll bet none of you knew about the black sheep of our family.
> This is from the latest ARRL Letter:
> "An N6SAP repeater user, Anthony Cardenas, WA6IGJ, complained to the FCC
> that he was jammed October 2 after attempting to use the repeater to
> report a motorist stranded in the midst of freeway traffic. Cardenas
> alleged that Ledge Musselman, KC6NCN, and Anton Johnson, N6OAY, blocked
> his efforts to alert the California Highway Patrol to the potentially
> hazardous situation via ham radio. Hollingsworth included the allegations
> in essentially identical letters to Musselman and Johnson, also sent
> November 5."
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