[TexasARDF] Invitation: Orienteering Class Saturday Dec 12 2009

David J kb5ylg at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 28 11:30:50 PST 2009

This will be a fairly fast paced class with plenty of topics to cover.

Saturday Oct 12 2009, 9:00am to 3:00pm local, Silver Creek Baptist Church, 151 Ruth Lane, Azle, Texas 76020.  No charge for the class, parking is free.  Bring your note-taking equipment, sack lunch, snacks & beverages, any show-and-tell items.  

Sponsored by Tri-County Amateur Radio Club WC5C.

Orienteering Course Outline Draft

Basic Section

1) How to use Topographical Terrain Maps
      a) How to read Symbols, Scales and Legends
      b) Orienting the map (using compass or landmarks)
      c) Navigating using the map, plotting a course
      d) Determining ground elevation and distances between points
      e) Finding and Recognizing landmarks from the map
      f) Celestial navigation using Terrain Map

2) How to use a Compass
      a) Different compass constructions and what to use them for
      b) Finding North and all directions relative to North
      c) Reading the Compass Protractor
      d) Orienting a map with a compass
      e) Determining an Azimuth
      f) How to use Triangulation (Re-Section) to find your own position
      g) How to use Triangulation (Cross Section) to find a waypoint on the map

3) Celestial Orienteering
      a) Using the Sun to determine direction
      b) Using the Stars to determine direction
      c) Recognizing specific stars for celestial navigation
      d) Using a Sundial to determine direction
      e) Using shade to dermine direction
      f)  Other clues

Intermediate Section

4) Fox Hunting (Radio Direction Finding) using a Compass and a Map
    a) How to use Triangulation (Cross Section) to find a transmitter
    b) How to use Triangulation (Re-Section) to find a position based on Landmarks

5) How to use a Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver
      a) GPS types and why to pick one
      b) GPS features and what you can do with one 
      c) Using a GPS with a Compass and a Map
      d) Using a GPS with your Computer
      e) Using GPS with your Cellphone
      f) Navigating with a GPS

Advanced Section

6) Automated Position Reporting Service (APRS)
      a) What is APRS and how does it work
      b) Finding out who is where using Internet
      c) Finding out who is where using a Receiver and a Computer
      d) Finding out who is where using a Receiver and a Map
      e) Announcing your location using Internet
      f) Announcing your location using GPS and a Transceiver
      g) Ham Radio Frequencies and Radio Settings, Hardware, Software for APRS

7) Orbital Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio
      a) Azimuth versus Elevation
      b) Aiming an antenna, manual tracking using a Compass and Map
      c) Az-El Rotators, manual and automated
      d) Satellites and Frequencies
      e) Radios and Settings
      f) Operating Procedures


David KB5YLG

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