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Sat Nov 28 06:48:49 PST 2009

On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 8:38 PM, Scott Johnson (kd5mhm)
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> So I'd love some advice.  Can I do an "urban" version?

Mike wrote

You can do something along the lines of a classic Park O or even a
Street O.  And its been a while since I've been out to Midland but as
I recall there just aren't any good sized city parks that would
provide much challenge.  And while not as exciting, as you point out
you have to use what you have available.

I am also a member of the Houston Orienteering Club and HOC own's the
Orienteering map for Bastrop and could probably come to some type of
an agreement for you to use it if you were willing to make that long
of a trip. I am also in a group that teach's the Orienteering Merit
Badge course and yeah we know how overly protective the BSA has gotten
about safety.  If you follow the paired up BSA rules that by default
causes you to break all individual orienteering rules and be
disqualified in all orienteering meets.  <sigh>

You may also try to tie some of your events to lead up to classic fox
hunting and National Fox Hunting Week-end.  I am trying to get a
couple of other people to help me put on a scaled down ARDF style meet
at Herman Park in Houston for the NFH-W/E on one day and a classic
mobile hunt the other.

Best of luck and drop me a note as thing progress.

Mike Urich, Freedom Czar

Psalm 109:8

Life is hard, church shouldn't be!

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