[Cwo] CWO admin list update

Dai Nagakura jf2iwl at 59925.org
Tue May 3 07:03:28 PDT 2016

Alan and CWO members

de JF2IWL , Reg.3

My task is inform and invite to CWO of Reg.3

I have started  investigation  and making lists of
key person of Reg3 contester or amateur league.
I will report progress in this ML

About rule , I think it's O.K. in status quo

Dai Nagakura JF2IWL

On Mon, 2 May 2016 21:33:27 -1000
Alan Maenchen <ad6e at arrl.net> wrote:

> It's been a busy week, and doesn't look like that is easing up any for me.
> I've culled the CWO list to just 10 of us now:
> Myself, NW2K, N1DG, IT9MUO, JF2IWL, N3JT, K6RB, WX5S, N1LN, and W6SX.
> I appreciate your support and help.  That said, no one has expressed even a
> hint of a desire to take on the "chairmanship" of CWO.
> Without a chairman, per se, I can be the central contact point for whatever
> comes up. I guess that defines the chairman position. Still looking if you
> want to take it on let me know. I can be very helpful.
> Dean, NW2K has done a great job of promotion for the recent CWOs. That task
> must now be given to IT9MUO, JF2IWL, and N1LN each for their respective
> areas. I'll leave it up to you to get the word out and get more activity
> from you're regions. That is the first task and it needs to start
> immediately.
> Next priority is to review rules. If any of you has a suggestion for rule
> changes, please let me know and we'll discuss it on this lest. If not, the
> rules from last year stand for 2016. The area I think may be up for
> modification would be the individual session times. Let me know what you
> think by suggesting a change to this reflector. Don't be shy!
> Log checking is being worked on by Pete, W6OP and myself. I owe Pete a
> phone call and start some beta testing. If anyone is interested in this,
> let me know and I'll include you in our discussions which will be mostly
> off-net.
> Results ... That's a huge open question right now. I assume Icom will fund
> all awards again. If any of you knows Ray at Icom America and can be the
> CWO representative then let me know. I really don't know him very well
> myself. Icom was VERY supportive when CWO was first started. There will NOT
> be a write-up article for 2016 unless one of you wants to do it. I think it
> would be really great, but it's not something I'm willing to do. Let me
> know if you can do this.
> 73, Alan  AD6E / KH6TU

Dai Nagakura <jf2iwl at 59925.org>

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