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Peter Chamalian W1RM w1rm at comcast.net
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Let's tap KR3E and his expertise for PR.  We should consider a press release
and target print as well as on-line publications which Ed can help with.


As an example, he did a press release on the CW Academy 2 or 3 years ago
that appeared on QRZ.com and one or two other sources.  The results of that
one release was overwhelming in responses.


The key isn't to attract the die-hard contesters so much as it is the casual
op and the occasional contester.


Pete, W1RM


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5.  Let's discuss mechanisms for reaching out to the general ham population
6.  Let's discuss details on how we can tie into ARRL Centennial
7.  Reach out to our members and help them write articles for their club's


5. and 7. are of the same cloth. I suggest that we prepare a talking paper
or slides for members to present at club meetings and/or spread the word on
club reflectors. The idea is to get CWops members talking to their club
members--we just need to give them some help.

6. Part of our publicity could emphasize that CWO is a great way to
accumulate Centennial QSO Party points real quick. Maybe total up Centennial
points https://centennial-qp.arrl.org/call-sign-point-check.php for
top-fifty finishers last year. Then advertize something like, work half of
these guys on two bands in three sessions and you earn xxx easy Centennial
points. Among other places, perhaps on the News and Notes section of LoTW
home page. 


Hank, W6SX

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