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All, (sorry if this is a duplicate email...first one did not appear to work)

Below is an invitation for the 2014 CW Open.  I've sent it to Nodir, EY8MM for translation into Russian and posting to Russian reflectors.  I plan to send it to the CWops Ambassadors so that they can inform the ops in their regions.

In addition, Ed KR3E has written a posting for QRZ and eham that he will publish as the event get closer.

There will be articles in the August and September Solid Copy newsletters.

All major contest calendars have been updated, including ARRL Contest Corral.

The rules have been updated and are ready to go.

I'll touch base again with the logging software folks too (done).

I've sent a note to Bruce WA7BNM; we'll use his webpage to CWO collect logs.

I think we're on track....please tell me if I'm missing something or if something needs amplification.  Thanks!

73, Dean, NW2K

You Are Invited to The 2014 CW Open!  September 6, 2014

A competitive international event with winning rates over 100 QSO's/hour....every hour!
Unique multipliers enhance strategy and scoring for all operators in all regions of the world.
The CW Open consists of three separate 4-hour fast-paced CW contests with log checking.

*  September 6: 0000-0359Z; 1200-1559Z; 2000-2359Z
*  Participate in 1, 2 or all 3 sessions
*  160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters

Each session is scored separately; several chances to win

*  Awards for each session, each ITU Region
*  Awards for combined session scores

Comprehensive logging software support (see http://www.cwops.org/cwopen.html)

*  Exchange is sequential Serial Number and Name (e.g. 4 Alex), starting at 1 for each session
*  One (1) point per QSO, work stations once per band, per session
*  For each session, each different call sign is a multiplier the first time it is worked on any band
*  Each session is logged separately and begins with 0 points and 0 multipliers

Awards (Thank You ICOM America for the Beautiful Awards!)

*  Trophy, high score, each session, each ITU Region (9 trophies)
*  Plaque, high score, each of HP, LP and QRP, each session, each ITU Region (27 plaques)
*  Trophy, high combined score (all sessions), each ITU Region (3 trophies)


*  HP = Legal power above 100 watts
*  LP = 100 watts or less
*  QRP = 5 watts or less
*  Single Operators Only
*  Team Competition:  No geographical limitations (http://www.cwops.org/cwopen.html)
*  Packet, Skimmer, and Reverse Beacon Network systems are allowed!
*  Rules at www.cwops.org/cwopen.html

Any questions or help finding a team, please email NW2K at arrl.net

Thanks and see you on September 6!
73, Dean, NW2K
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