[Cwo] CW Open Promotion

D Faklis dfaklis at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 27 08:58:51 PST 2014


Here is a summary of FEB 14 thoughts regarding CWO promotion:

1.  Jim mentioned his connection and access with CQ Magazine

2.  Hank mentioned reaching out to the general ham population

3.  Pete and Rob mentioned an article for NCJ highlighting the new award structure in addition to a 2014 results article

4.  Hank mentioned a tie-in with ARRL Centennial W1AW/n

I may have missed some promo concepts, so please refresh if I did.

If I recall correctly, here is what we did last year, beginning on 1 JUL 13 (please add what I missed):

1.  Communicate with N0AX and N1TA at ARRL Contests for Corral and Update
2.  Get the CWO on all international calendars
3.  Work with EY8MM to get translations into Russian and posts on main EU websites
4.  Rob's major effort in JA
5.  Serious direct effort to build international teams, logic was to employ an element of peer pressure to build participation
6.  Eham and QRZ listings
7.  Contact almost all contest clubs directly, worldwide, to enlist "CWO Champions"
8.  Work with NAQCC folks to build a strong QRP contingent.  Wrote QRP article for their newsletter.
9.  Others?

Proposal for 2014:

1.  I plan to do what I did last year.  Primarily focus on teamwork and international participation.  Brute force marketing to established contesters, DXers and QRPers.  I have no contacts in Asia so please advise and help.
2.  I will generate a NCJ article on CWO history and the 2014 CWO.  What else should be in it?
3.  Jim to discuss with his CQ Magazine contact to see what is possible in terms of free publicity, say a short article on CWO.
4.  I'll discuss same with ARRL for QST and online.
5.  Let's discuss mechanisms for reaching out to the general ham population
6.  Let's discuss details on how we can tie into ARRL Centennial
7.  Reach out to our members and help them write articles for their club's newsletters.
8.  Others?


1.  In my opinion, paid ads will not be cost effective and will produce negligible results. We know the target audience and have free access to them.  What are your thoughts on this?
2.  Please sign up to help with promotion!
3.  Should we establish goals for 2014 CWO and how would we measure success?

Let's discuss and finalize an approach for 2014.  Thanks!

73, Dean, NW2K

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