[Cwo] Public Logs and LCRs

Marshall "Matt" Thomas, WX5S mmthoma at attglobal.net
Thu Nov 14 18:20:41 PST 2013

Hi Folks,

Due to station access issues, I haven't been a participant in CWO
to date. However as a log check SW author and at least in the past
very active contest participant, I have some comments...

(a) I like the idea of transparency.
     In this modern internet age, there is already a lot information
     available about what you did and your strategy via spotting
     reports. I personally would not have a problem with any of my
     logs being posted publicly. I think the idea of keeping what you
     did to win secret is nuts - I can't think of any other sporting
     whether it is Chess, Soccer or whatever where that is true.
     In my opinion for Radio-Sport to have real legitimacy the results
     have to be public.

(b) If the logs are there, then with complicated reverse engineering,
     it is possible to figure out some of the LCR basics and that includes
     errors in the log check algorithms. I have done this in the past by
     exchanging LCR's with cooperating souls. "Hey, I got an error,
     what happened to you?". I am aware of flaws in some of the major
     contest reporting software. Usually these flaws do not change the
     results, but they are "errors", deviating from perfection.

     The usual "deflection" is that although this judging is not perfect,
     it was applied equally to all entrants. That is a pretty good argument.

(c)  I don't see a problem with posting the LCR's if the basic input logs
     are posted. Although be aware that this will expose weaknesses in
     the checking software for all to see. Maybe that is a good thing?
     I would expect more challenges and commentary on contest
     judging if you do that. But again, maybe that is a good thing?

(d) In my experience, very few participants request even their own LCR's.

73, Matt WX5S

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 9:57 AM, D Faklis <dfaklis at yahoo.com> wrote:

> In the spirit of education and continuous improvement, I would like to
> have a discussion on whether or not to make the CWO logs and LCRs public
> (available for download at the CWops website).
> As you know, CQ WW, CQ WPX, CQ WW RTTY, and perhaps other serious
> contests, make the logs (and in some cases LCRs) public.
> Please comment.  Thank you.
> 73, Dean, NW2K
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