[Cwo] CWO call list

Alan Maenchen ad6e at arrl.net
Sat Sep 10 13:01:07 PDT 2011

See attached.

this is a list of calls heard, and names associated with those calls.
The numbers indicate how many times that call was logged, and how many times
that name was logged (for that call).

Please review and suggest busted calls. Personally, I'm not too good at
identifying bad calls. That takes some talent.

This is NOT the complete list. I've only downloaded about 14 logs, and these
are just from those.  I'll need to do this again when I get the complete set
of logs. However, we can start with this.

Note some JA calls are actually prefrunctures .. not names. Those are
probably mostly from my log as I did log some of the Keymen contest guys
that way. Taking the high road, I'll consider those as "busted calls".  Any
call removed will result in a "busted call" for whoever logged it later. Any
call with a high number of hits is most likely good. It's the calls logged
only once or twice I would scrutinize.

Tks & 73,  Alan  AD6E
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