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Peter Chamalian w1rm at arrl.net
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How about this.  If you get a “valid” exchange, that is a real serial number
and a real name you get 1 point for the QSO and if it’s a valid mult, you
get that.  If you do not get a valid exchange (that is a bogus serial number
and/or a made up name like prefecture, DOK, RDA) you get 1 point for the QSO
and 0 multiplier credit.


To be honest, I think we are pushing the bounds of credibility with this.  


Pete, W1RM


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I like the idea Hank.  It gives a way to do cross-contest QSOs which is a
win-win for both contests.

What's the difference between logging "000" and "599"?  For WAE, which
already has RST, then 000 makes sense.  For us, we need a NR and a NAME.
RDA uses serial numbers, so that was the easy part. The hard part was
getting a name from those guys.  Keyman uses RST and while I was willing to
log "599", I never did get them to give me a name. I even thought about
logging the JA prefecture as a name, but then thought that was pushing it
too far.

We'll have to see what weekend we end up with for the next one and try to
complement whatever other activity is going on.

73, Alan  AD6E

On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 8:12 PM, Hank Garretson <w6sx at arrl.net> wrote:

WAE has a rule we might want to consider.

5 Exchange

A contest QSO can only be conducted between a European and a non-European
station (exception: RTTY, see §13). The exchange consists of RS/RST and a
progressive serial number starting with 001. 

If the station worked does not send a serial number, log the contact with
number 000. 

Each station can be credited only once per band.

Ski Exuberantly,

Hank, W6SX

Mammoth Lakes, California

Elevation 8083 feet in John Muir's Range of Light

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