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I just realized this thread was not sent to everyone involved with CWO so
I'm forwarding to the main group.

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I examined the WA7BNM perpetual calendar cross referenced to his CW contest
calendar and found Sept. 1, 2012 as a very reasonable date for CWO 2012. The
only conflicts showing are All Asian Phone DX contest, a QRP sprint, and
DARC 10 m digital contest. That first Sept. weekend also looks good for
2013. Perhaps we should claim it for CWO and get placed on the perpetual
calendar before some other major CW contest nabs it :-).

Wadda ya think?

If so, we should begin publicizing it right away. This year we don't have
the hurdles of simultaneously getting contest log support (although I
recommend that someone try to get WIN-TEST to support it, too).

The adjudication software is fine (I did a full check, last night, and my
independent manual results matched AD6E's computed results.

I also recommend that we stick with the same time slots and durations (e.g.
1200-1600Z; 2000-2400Z; 0400-0800Z). Looking at the preliminary results,
several participants did better than 100K points.


Rob K6RB
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