[Cwo] some initial reflections 3 vs 4 hours

Hank Garretson w6sx at arrl.net
Thu Aug 25 08:23:08 PDT 2011

G'Day Gents,

My thoughts.

1. Pete has good thoughts, but I think he was on for only first session, and
may not have seen the picture I saw.

2. For me, first session had best activity and was most fun. As a medium-gun
station, things started to slow in last hour of first session, third hour of
second session, and second hour of third session.

3. Jim says, "After all, how much worse is that than Sweepstakes for the
last 6 hours!" Exactly. Sweepstakes Sunday is no fun. We want CWO to be fun.
We want people to end happy, not relieved that it's over.

4. I'm inclined toward three hours. Better to have stations finish wishing
for more time than unhappy it lasted so long.
Ski Exuberantly,

Hank, W6SX

Mammoth Lakes, California

Elevation 8083 feet in John Muir's Range of Light
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