[Cwo] Ready ro rock - CW OPEN

Alan Maenchen ad6e at arrl.net
Fri Aug 19 22:53:31 PDT 2011

I'm at the W6NV station and everything is set up and running. (SO1R)  I'm
totally amazed at the RDA activity tonight. I thought I wouldn't hear many
stations, but 20 is full of Russians and EU with S9++ signals.  When CWO
starts we'll have to be a bit careful to avoid QRM. On the plus side, RDA
exchange is "5NN" plua a serial number (for non Russians) and serial number
and district for Russians.  If we can get a name from them, they will count
for CWO too. A real win-win situation.

Thanks to everyone for all the help getting this contest off the ground.
I'm looking forward to some awesome activity tomorrow.

73, Alan  AD6E
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