[BARC] Newbie

R.H. n7taw at nwhams.com
Sat Jun 5 15:58:59 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I subscribed to the group list a little while ago figuring that I'd lurk 
and see what the general tone of the group was, but haven't received a 
single note since.  Guess I'll have ta introduce myself.

I'm Ron, N7TAW, and I run the Northwest Saturday Morning Swapnet (see 
the website at http://www.nwhams.com for more info).  I recently moved 
here to Boring from Gresham--mostly to get away from the Vera Tax, but 
also looking for a nicer place to raise my kids (one five, one born 
three days after moving to Boring--a native!).

I've been here for about four months, and have a couple of VHF/UHF 
antennas up, and am hoping to work on getting the tri-band 
omnidirectional antenna up this weekend, but it is a case of seeing how 
much time I have left after the first round of honeydoos.

I didn't know there was a BARC until Jerry, W7BUN, told me about it, and 
I did a little websearching.  My understanding is that the group's main 
thrust is in contesting, and would apprecieate any additional info that 
you'd care to pass along.


Ron, N7TAW

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