[BARC] Boring ARC - making some more history

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 12:15:37 -0800

What a fine business radio club this is.

The elves are packing up VY1JA's six meter amp and will be sending it to 
him soon.  Thanks to all who sent in a contribution.

Rumor has it that Jay might be making a DX pedition to Jordan soon, and use
the call JY1VA.  

I am happy to report that the Boring ARC is about to pull off another PR
stunt.  It appears that the Deep Creek Grade School will be scheduled for
a QSO with the international space station in a few weeks.  This school is
within visual distance of the Boring ARC club station, K7RAT.  You can see
the 3 element 40 meter beam from the large soccer fields.

Work is being done to get some antennas that can be manually positioned
for the QSO and the necessary audio mixing equipment constructed so that
we can make a recording of the event along with piping the audio directly
into the classroooms.

One thing that I could use some help with - and I am hoping that one of
our club members can help me - is to figure out the satellite tracking 
software.  I have downloaded one program, but haven't been able to make 
it work without reading the manual.  Hopefully, someone out there can help
with this and either help me setup some software to show the orbital 
positions versus time, or even just generate the angles versus times
for the passes we would be looking at.  

Once we know the exact dates, they will be posted here and those who are
able to attend in person will be welcome.  

73 Bert - Chief Operator of the Boring ARC