[BARC] BARC Newsletter

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 13:32:18 -0800

What a great club this Boring Amateur Radio Club is.  I haven't
missed a club meeting all year.

You might check out the CQ-CONTEST mail reflector.  It has really
gotten more interesting since the last time I looked at it.  

One of the neat-o subjects is how to ride your RF gain.  This could
really be helpful for those of you who have mobile rigs.  I have 
tried to ride the AF gain, but the knob is a lot smaller than the
RF gain one.  

You can also get some RX advice for various drugs to help you stay
awake.  One of them is called "Herbie" and will let you rest for
an hour and a half.  It must be very powerful, because I understand
the US government is writing letters to find out more about Herbie.
I thought perhaps it was just another cool name for cannabis, but
I guess it is something else (perhaps a can of bat instead).

I remember KV4FZ used to live in a castle with bats - and maybe
that is what they use.

There is also some talk about Viruses - more medical stuff I 
guess.  It seems somehow that BARC member N6AA is a world 
famous virus doctor.  Who would have known?

We are getting set to mail out the Stew Perry plagues.  I 
understand that the engraver messed up again - despite 
circles and arrows showing that we really wanted 2000 on
them, and not 2001 like the ones from last year.  

Another CW Sprint writeup was authored by Bert and will appear
in the next NCJ magazine.  We have the Kid's Day even coming
up in January and of course the world's best 160 contest coming
up on the weekend after XMAS.  

The BARC lives - what a great radio club.

73 Tree N6TR