[BARC] GOLX a new dimension in Internet and Telcom

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Mon, 9 Oct 2000 06:50:29

<HTML> The stock <B><I>GOLX</B></I> has penetrated the Telecommunications and Internet market of India. This newly trading Company is the world's first digital conglomerate with its high-speed broadband network, it is the most comprehensive set of services available on the Internet today. Find out why Global Crossing, Seimans, Nokia, MCI Worldcom, Phillips, has an interest in GOLX...<BR> <BR> Come Learn More<BR> <A HREF="http://%33%34%3895%36%32%32%31%32/%67%6F%6C%78">http://www.golx3.com4.ws/golx/</A><BR> <BR>  <BR> <BR> <BR> You were sent this message because your address is in our subscriber database. If you wish to be removed, please reply here; <A HREF="http://%33%34%3895%36%32%32%31%32/%67%6F%6C%78/response.html">http://www.golx3.com4.ws/golx/response.html</A> and we will remove you from our subscriber list. </HTML>