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Greg Pascal gspascal at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 9 15:48:40 CST 2004



I stumbled on you list of "lost and found" members (
http://www.kkn.net/~tree/wvarc/wvarc_list.txt ) and after my initial shock
wore off (who is WVARC and why is my name/address/phone number on their web
page).I poked around and quickly figured out the story.


The original W6DHQ was my grandfather Aaron "Pat" Pascal.  And he was a
member of the WVARC.  He tried to get me into amateur radio since about the
time that I could talk (maybe a little bit before).  Unfortunately, it
wasn't until has passing (about 17 years ago) that I finally got off my rear
and got my license.


When the FCC opened up the vanity call sign program, I applied for and was
issued his old call sign.  


Anyhow, if anyone around remembers him.I'm always up for a good story or
2.my grandmother Vicki (WA6ROO) is still alive and kicking up in the valley,
and I know my dad Charles (KB6ZTF) would get a kick out of hearing from his
old pals.


I'm not sure exactly where on the page our call should be listed.W6DHQ -
Aaron "Pat" Pascal is a silent key.but W6DHQ (Greg Pascal) is still on the



Greg Pascal, W6DHQ


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