[WVARC] Congrats to K6OY

Joseph M. Wade wadejoe at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 27 13:36:37 CDT 2003

In case any of you missed it in the September QST, K6OY (WB6HGU), placed #9
in the U.S. for his 80 meter single band effort in the 2003 ARRL CW DX Test.
He had 145 QSO’s and 42 countries on 80.  How many other 80 meter op’s have
their bandswitch lying on the ground protected by only a baggie?  I didn’t
see it myself, but knowing his adaptability (and laziness), there are sure
to be some places on his four square where either band-aids or chewing gum
were used.  And he was probably soldering loose connections in his power
supply at the same time that he was sending code with the other hand.

What is really amazing is that anyone on the West Coast could bust the top
ten on 80.  The East Coast has such a lock on Europe and Africa.  Good
location, Great antenna and a pretty fair op.  Way to go Bruce!


73 de Joe W6YR

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