[WVARC] Mug versus A&W

Tree tree at kkn.net
Tue May 27 14:35:22 CDT 2003

An honest to good A&W drive in opened up about a year ago just two miles 
from my house.  I took my two older daughters there on Saturday and one
of them ordered root beer.

After tasting it - she declared that Mug was better.

Maybe this will be the Mug generation?

Been getting QRV for the June VHF test.  Put up a new 222 antenna on a 32 
foot boom and turned my old 7 element one vertical for working the rovers
who are only on FM.

A picture of my VHF array is at http://www.kkn.net/~tree/new222.jpg.

That's 2 meters on the top of the mast, the 7 element 222, something like
32 elements on 432, 28 elements on 222 and 7 elements on 6.  Down the tower
is a cross polarized 2 meter beam pointing at Portland.  This whole mess
is used as a vertical on 80 and really works FB.


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