[WVARC] Status of "Hams Wide World" DVD from ARRL

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Thu May 8 12:12:13 CDT 2003

Hey Tree,

Is this Dave Bell the same guy that worked at ITC?

Dennis, N6RN

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Here's the current status from K1ZZ's assistant, Dave 
Patton, NT1N (please do not distribute beyond this 

Bob, N6TV
"Yep, we have 3 of the 4 Dave Bell movies and they have 
been transferred from beta to DVD.  Dave has one more yet 
that is in a different format that is trying to convert 
now.  Once we have that, we will move forward with mass 
production of one DVD containing all four.  It is 
definitely a trip down nostalgic lane.  We are planning to 
add an intro to the DVD also with some current information.
"It will be a little while yet, but I think worth the 
wait.  The more we can add to it right now, the easier it 
will be to make the cost more reasonable."
Victory through Mug

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