[WVARC] Field Day 2003

Joseph M. Wade wadejoe at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 19 09:49:12 CST 2003

We had about 5 of us who were interested in Field Day this year, although
not much interest in helping with the planning.  I am personally buried in
work during my busy season and it doesn’t look like I can do much until mid
May.  Due to the shortness of time I think it best that we shoot for Field
Day 2004.

I think 2004 will be a little more challenging in the antenna department.
With poorer propagation it will be necessary to have a very good location
and good antennas.  10 & 15 will be way done in activity due to the
conditions.  20 won’t be open as long and will be it’s usual wall of QRM.

Anyway, let’s shoot for 2004.  If anyone wants to pick up the mantle and do
something this year, go ahead.

73 de Joe W6YR

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