[WVARC] Meeting with Phil

Phil Hockmeyer phil.hockmeyer@verizon.net
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 19:23:47 -0500

great to see you guys after all these years! Had a fabulous visit to Calif.
Went to Hearst Castle, Monterey aquarium, Napa wineries, Alcatraz, ran naked
on the beach. Should have photos transferred to the computer in the next day
or two. No worries, I'll leave the former to your imagination - or
nightmares. I've got my eyes on a nice vertical I think I can pass off to my
wife as a lightning arrestor.

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Subject: [WVARC] Meeting with Phil

Hello All,

Joe Wade and I had a great meeting with Phil Hockmeyer, ex-WB6TVH, over the
weekend down in the San Diego area.  Phil is out here in California from
Tampa through Thursday.  I had not seen Phil since 1970 or perhaps earlier.
Joe and I bugged the hell out of him to get licensed again, but we'll have
to see if we had any luck.  Phil took some photos; hopefully he'll post them
after he returns to mosquito-land.


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