[WVARC] Bulletin

Tom Musselman Tom@MusselmanPhoto.com
Sat, 26 Oct 2002 15:16:15 -0500

At Saturday 10/26/2002 10:48 AM -0700, John Musselman WB6UHF wrote:

>I do remember that 60% of the effort of doing the bulletin was in trying to
>keep the ink off of me.

Hey John,

I remember you used to make the bulletin right and left justified.  I don't 
know how many you did that way, or if it was just parts, but it should have 
been none!  The one Tree posted for us is not right justified.  Maybe you 
were in a rush, as you state on page 5.

To make each line right and left justified, you would first type the 
bulletin on paper.  Then count the spaces on the end of each line.  Then 
you would type the bulletin again, this time on those great mimeograph 
stencils, inserting the correct amount of spaces into each line to make it 
right and left justified.

What a bunch of work!  But look at the man it produced!  Ha, ha, ha!

Did you make very many bulletins that way?