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I graduated from CPHS Feb, 1970, about the time you arrived. What really
pissed me off was, after my graduation, they
dropped all the dress standards and generally liberalized things. I recall
driving by the school and seeing girls wearing cut-offs and bikini tops to
school. (Must have been summer-school) The environment got way-less
oppressive. By 1970, I guess even the teachers and administrators got hip.
Wonder what those 4h'ers were growing out back???

I recall Mr. Campbell as I had his shop class for a couple of semesters. He
was kind of protective that radio
gear. He never let anyone near it. You were apparently in his good graces,
for at least a little while.

I built one of his 5-tube radios, cutting out a semi-circular piece on each
side of the front chassis bend to accommodate a speaker. He referred to
these scraps as "Eubangeye lips" (not sure if I have the spelling correct).
Did he ever play the trumpet in class? Well, we certainly had some
eccentrics in the valley. The ham community was a seemingly accurate
sampling of populous.

Very cool with your show-and-tell in class. As a young person, radio helped
me to expand my horizons.

btw, I dug out Ray's last known email address from a paper file and sent him
an invite. Hope he will join us.


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> Ray and I were good friends in high school. He graduated a year before me
> from Canoga and lived
> on Eaton Ave in Canoga Park. I happened across a CPHS nostalgia web-site
> runs a couple of years ago.
> He was then living in Littleton, CO. We exchanged a few emails, but I lost
> his address (and everything else)in a disk
> crash shortly after.


What year did you graduate from CPHS?  I am thinking it was before I started
there - which would have been in the fall of '69.

Remember John Campbell - the electronics shop teacher?  He used to let me
the station in the back room (Ranger and HQ170 or something like that).  At
one point, he decided that I had stolen some drill bits (which I didn't and
that kind of strained the relationship.  I still do cancelling half twists i
when winding up coax which is something he taught me.

Other teachers I remember well - Robert Petit (Physics) and Mrs. Kamp
senior comp).  Mrs. Kamp let me do one of my presentations by bringing in my
SB-101 to the classroom and making a presentation that included some QSs
a wire antenna.  I remember talking to Alaska in front of the class.