[WVARC] Antenna Adventures?

Leigh S. Jones kr6x@kr6x.com
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 18:35:58 -0700

No, I wasn't there that day, although I remember what happened a
year or so later.  UJW's antennas in bundles on the ground.  What
ever happened to "the fool on the hill?"

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> One more "Moving" antenna experience from the day.  I don't remember
> sure but maybe Leg was there too, when we were moving an antenna on
top of a
> car to UJW's QTH.  We snagged something on the side of the road
making a
> turn which made a 3 inch gash in my arm.  Joe's wife was a nurse who
took me
> to the West Valley hospital for a dozen or so stitches.  Ahhh, the
> fun of antenna transport.
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