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I’m planning to personally invite the over 100 JA stations I worked in the recent ARRL 10 contest. I’m also going to look at my logs for CQ WW CW and add to that JA list. You should reach out to Dai, JF2IWL. He is a good JA contester and participates in CWTs. I think he has good connections with the JA contest community.

You other ideas are fine, too. I would check to see if an ambassador participated in 2014. If so, he would most likely be open to helping. I’m hoping to fill in some of the open ambassador slots, too, early in 2015.

With no “prize” for teams other than bragging rights, I can understand some of the underwhelming participation. My own contest club – NCCC – was pretty dormant. Perhaps if we had something like the medallions to offer to first, second and third place teams (each member) that could help spur more activity. The bronze, silver and gold medallions are not that expensive. If teams are limited to 10, we could get 30 medallions for about $180 plus the cost of mailing. We have budget for that.

Rob K6RB

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CWO logs were down sharply in 2014 compared to 2013.  I'd like to reverse that in 2015.

We had a higher level of direct marketing in 2014 relative to 2013, but we need to do more in order to increase participation and number of logs.  There are some tasks that need doing:

1.  Determine who is participating.

2014:  629 calls, 496 logs
2013:  923 calls, 847 logs
2012:  1178 calls, 397 logs
2011:  931 calls, 386 logs

Compare the "calls" spreadsheet from 2013 and 2014 and try to learn something about who sat out 2014.  Number of teams was about the same year over year (I continue to push teamwork pretty hard), but ops/team was down.

A volunteer?

2.  Build a spreadsheet of email addresses for past participants so we can send reminders in 2015.  This needs a few volunteers.  3830scores and QRZ make it easy to find email addresses.  Many hands make light work.

3.  I plan to create an informal and international CWO "marketing team."  Bring together 5-10 ops to cover all regions and primary populations centers.  Any suggestions?  I tried the Ambassador network in 2014 and that had mixed results (I did not develop the effort properly).  I will engage them again in 2015 to see if they have interest in taking on some CWO marketing tasks.

4. What else should we do, in addition to the above and the marketing plan that was executed in 2014/2013?

Happy New Year!

73, Dean, NW2K

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