[Cwo] 2015 CW Open

D Faklis dfaklis at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 3 05:44:29 PDT 2014


Since the calendar is already filling up, I thought we could begin some discussion on the 2015 event.  Here is some information from each associated website (UTC):

1.  Ohio QSO Party, 4th Sat in AUG, 22 AUG 15
2.  YO DX, last full weekend in AUG, 29 AUG 15
3.  All Asian SSB, 1st Sat in SEP, 5 SEP 15
4.  NA Sprint, Sat night after Labor Day, 13 SEP 15
5.  FOC QSO Party, second Sat in SEP, 12 SEP 15
6.  WAE DX SSB, second full weekend in SEP, 12 SEP 15

If you know of another potential conflict, please circulate.

Given this, how about The 2015 CW Open:  5 SEP 2015, Saturday, same times as this year.

Please discuss and vote.  Thanks!

73, Dean, NW2K
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