[Cwo] 2014 CW Open Award Structure

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As part of the PR effort, we should see if NCJ would accept a results
article on CWO.  Of course a small ad about it might not hurt.

Pete, W1RM

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There would be, worst case, 12 trophies and 27 plaques. Trophy cost is
approximately $80; plaques are $30.

So, $960 for trophies and $810 for plaques = $1770. Figure $2,000 with
shipping costs. ICOM is now spending about $800 per year, so for an extra
$200, they would have worldwide coverage. We would budget $1,000 for CWO
awards, and $500 for promotion (e.g. advertisements). I would chat with
Ray Novak (ICOM) and see if they would pay for even more than half the
cost - I think it's high likelihood. He and I talked about it in
Mozambique a bit.

On another subject, we are likely to be spending $800 on CWT participation
medallions plus shipping ($8 x 100); and $100 on QTX achievement award
medallions. So, all told, we may have to plan for about $2000 per year for
awards plus shipping.

With QTX and CWT it's hard to pin it down more precisely because we do not
know how many will qualify, each year. In 2013, we had 70 CWT qualifiers,
for example.

The other award category is CW Academy Advisor awards. These are given
once to an advisor who has taught at least 6 semesters (two years) and to
an advisor who has taught at least 12 semesters (four years). These will
also be up there in the $70 to $80 range...but we would be averaging,
maybe, four per year.

Rob K6RB

> How much we expecting this to cost, for budgeting purposes?   On 02/06/14,
> k6rb at baymoon.com wrote: Here are my thoughts on the subject. CW Open was
> meant to be primarily a
> regional contest so that people in the three ITU regions were competing
> intra-regionally. We expected a lot of JAs would play in the two sessions
> that favored their low and high bands; and the same would happen for EU
> and NA. Essentiaᄚ�

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