[Cwo] Text editor needed

Alan Maenchen ad6e at arrl.net
Tue Oct 23 23:04:05 PDT 2012

Anyone know of a text editor that can straighten up text columns?

I use Notepad++ which can pick up and move entire columns of text, but if
the text is not in perfect columns it doesn't work and I have to manually
add or subtract spaces to make it line up first.  Here's an example:

QSO: 7032 CW 2012-09-01 1308 AD6E 71 ALAN K5AX 27 TOM
QSO: 3549 CW 2012-09-01 1310 AD6E 72 ALAN KI0KY 599 MARK
QSO: 14028 CW 2012-09-01 1311 AD6E 73 ALAN W6SX 74 HANK
QSO: 14026 CW 2012-09-01 1314 AD6E 74 ALAN N4ZZ 117 DON
QSO: 14026 CW 2012-09-01 1315 AD6E 75 ALAN KE1B 79 RICH
QSO: 14026 CW 2012-09-01 1315 AD6E 76 ALAN K1LKP 37 CARMEN
QSO: 14026 CW 2012-09-01 1315 AD6E 77 ALAN NW2K 70 DEAN
QSO: 14026 CW 2012-09-01 1316 AD6E 78 ALAN WD0ECO 55 MITCH

In this case, as with most Cabrillo logs, the columns are separated with a
single space.
However, some logs have the NAME and NR reversed. My only solution is to
manually add spaces to first make them align. Then I can use the column
edit feature of Notepad++ to pick up and move the entire column.

The only other way is to first bring the log into Excel, then export it as
text CSV file. That sucks too.

Or .. could someone write a simple little utility that would automatically
space out the columns?

I'm starting to get some ideas for next years' log processing, so this
could be considered a "first step" in that direction.

I'm about half way through Session 1 logs. Now that most logs are "fixed",
it's going pretty well.

Tks & 73,  Alan  AD6E
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