[Cwo] CWO status update

Alan Maenchen ad6e at arrl.net
Wed Oct 17 10:18:13 PDT 2012

Or lack thereof ..


I'm back from the 3D2C trip.  I faithfully took all the CWO logs with me
with the intent to dig into them and get the log checking started.
Reality is that I had zero time to do any work. It turned into a really
great trip with a great crew. We made >10,000 QSOs each day for almost 7

Anyway, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  I'm now diving into the
logs and fixing format errors as I find them. The biggest problem right now
is simply format problems. My measly log checking software crashes on even
the dumbest errors. The most common error is using CWT format instead of
CWO format. Next most common error is "599" in every QSO and/or missing the
sent serial number.  Actually the vast majority of logs are good and need
no corrections. But, the bad ones just halt all processing until I throw
the offending log into a text editor and fix it. It's a pain.  I just
crashed the software because someone put "TIM." instead of "TIM" for a
received name.

73, Alan  AD6E
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