[Cwo] log check question: hard-ass or not?

Jim Talens jtalens at verizon.net
Fri Sep 23 13:24:32 PDT 2011

This is not an exercise in passing critical health and welfare traffic, in
which case everyone would know that letter-perfect copying is necessary.
Geo versus George is not a distinction worthy of penalty, or even a second
thought.   I have often abbreviated George to Geo, and even called W1RM or
W1UU "Pedro" -- though I didn't record it thusly in the log.  Still, Pete or
Peter, Geo or George, what's the difference?  It's the right guy, and his
name is correct in both cases.

Jim, N3JT

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I think wherever possible we should go with what the operator says he
sent. In this case, he sent "geo" not "george." Where I would argue for
being more tolerant is where someone sent "013" for the serial number and
someone wrote "13." Does that make me a hypocrite?

On the other hand, since this is the first time out, maybe we should be
uber tolerant. Wadda ya think?

Rob K6RB

> I'm closing in on starting log checking/scoring. Maybe another day of
> playing with software as opposed to doing what I'm paid to do here at
> work.
> ;-)
> I ran across this issue:  K6GT was logged by 18 guys as "GEORGE" instead
> of
> "GEO" (copied by 220 guys, and that's what the K6GT logs say).
> The log check pops this out as a "Bad Name" and dings the log score.
> What are your feelings about this?
> The easiest machine check is to do a simple match of "sent" name and
> "received" name in the two logs... which is what I'm doing. If they match,
> it's good. If not, it doesn't count. I could do some aliases like "AL"
> instead of "ALAN" and others, but that's considerably more work.
> BTW,  I've already built in a small bias in checking serial numbers.
> Numbers can be +/-1 from what was reported to be sent.  I've found that to
> be wise in CQP where I've been able to prove that the actual sent NR can
> be
> one off from the logged NR under some circumstances.
> 73, Alan  AD6E
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