[Cwo] Calls worked in CWO

Alan Maenchen ad6e at arrl.net
Fri Sep 16 15:51:35 PDT 2011

Here's a complete list of all calls recorded in all the logs received along
with the Name associated with the call.
Note, the number next to the call is the number of times that call pops up
in the logs. The name may be correct (or not) and the number to the right is
the number of times that Name agrees with that call .. all based on received
data. So, if the name number is smaller than the call number, one can assume
the name was copied wrong somewhere.

First, WOW!

There are 1149 call signs in this list .. meaning that over 1,000 hams
participated in CWO.  Fantastic!   So why did we get only 372 logs? (problem
for next time).

Second .. there are busted calls in this list.  Here's an example of some
obvious ones:

  WD5IDT 1 JIM 1  WD5IQT 1 JIM 1  WD5IYT 231 JIM 231  WD5YIT 1 JIM 1
Obviously the first, second, and fourth are bad calls.
Please go through this list and eyeball others that you think may be bad
calls and send me your list.
Just because you identify a bad call doesn't mean it is bad. I'll be able to
check it. But if you don't give me anything to check, then the truly bad
calls will get credit... and we don't want that.

Third -  If you see an odd name that you don't think is right, let me know.
That isn't likely, but nothing is perfect... especially me. I'm especially
suspicious of JA names.

I found only 15 bad logs with format/entry problems. I've sent those back to
the owners and asked them to fix their problems. Probably half were early
N1MM revision and/or folks using CWT modules.   A bunch more have "Name" as
their sent name.  I'm simply fixing those myself with a text editor. All in
all, the logs look to be in excellent shape.

Tks & 73,  Alan  AD6E
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