[Cwo] CWO Score double check needed

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Mon Oct 24 11:49:56 PDT 2011


I'll take a look at it sometime today or after work, tonight. In any case,
you'll have my input tonight...or sooner.

Rob K6RB

> Can someone please check my arithmetic with these scores:
> columns are File name, Station, Operator, Final QSOs, Final Mults, Final
> score, Claimed score, Power
> Obviously, the "station" and "op" columns are screwed up, but I'm more
> concerned about a stupid scoring error.
>   K5OT K5OT @K5TR 307 180 55260 57645 HIGH  VY2TT VY2TT K6LA 275 190 52250
> 54708 HIGH  AE6Y AE6Y
> 294 174 51156 52096 HIGH
> I'm pretty sure it's OK, but a sanity check is appropriate.
> These three logs and the RPT files are attached.
> To check: view the RPT file in Notepad, then count QSOs and Mults that are
> not dinged in the RPT file.
> I've been burned out last couple of weeks. Need to finalize and get this
> show back on the road.
> Thanks,
> Alan  AD6E
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