[Cwo] progress

Alan Maenchen ad6e at arrl.net
Tue Oct 11 21:14:38 PDT 2011

FYI,  today I completed log checking for all three sessions.  Not perfect,
but "good enough".  Some folks got dinged pretty badly.  One JA had all
three of his QSOs deleted until I realized his session 2 log was really a
session 1 log.  I changed his times from 20xxZ to 16xxZ and then they all
matched perfectly.  ;-)

I'm going to take a breather before seeing who won (it wasn't me).  Then
I'll go back and re-check the winners .. and those breathing down their
My employer has no idea that I haven't exactly been a full time employee
lately.  :-)

Need to start thinking about how to present the results. Ideas?
Presently, each session results is in an Excel spreadsheet.

73, Alan  AD6E
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