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Definitely I agree with Don. I wasn't careful at all.  It didn't matter.
It wasn't a contest.  It was an activity.  So what if I called Pete "Pedro"
and recorded it that way?  Or I got the wrong number and didn't bother
correcting when I then heard it again?  In fact, I am not sure all this log
evaluation is consistent with our "non-contest" theology for CWO.


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I can see how I got 124 vs 134 for W1RM...Pete was esp copy.

The other busted number?????   I give up.

I was just in it to give points, so I was very lazy on correcting the name
filled in by writelog.  I suspect a lot of others felt the same way.  makes
it harder on you though so I'll be more careful next year.  Sloppy habit
holdover from CWT where no one sees the log.


At 06:14 PM 9/29/2011, Alan Maenchen wrote:
>Attached are N1DG and NO5W reports.;
>Here's where being "hard-ass" hits the road.
>SCOT (sent) vs SCOTT (received)
>SERGE (sent) vs SERGEI (received)
>JULES (sent) vs JULIUS (received)
>However, I'm accepting ROCK (received) vs ROQ (sent) since the vast
majority (149 of 256) copied ROCK from NE7D.
>I'm not sure about this one, but I suspect NE7D did indeed send ROCK some
times even though ROQ is what's in his Session 1 log as 'sent'. In his
Session 2 log, NE7D lists 'ROCK' as his name.  Presumably  >100 people
copied "ROQ" scattered over different sessions. I don't have the software to
tackle this one, so I'm just going to accept both names.
>PS .. I'll be QRT on the internet in another couple of hours.  Back on
Monday after CQP
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